Rich Exposure

MargaritavilleDream 246: Expose Yourself to the Rich

A 42-year-old man dreamt that he was trying to find his way along a beach. He was shown three lavish cars each costing over $200,000. He then saw himself in a car with two rich men in a car going along the highway. One of the men was in the passenger seat and had a diplomatic personality. The other wealthy man was very cynical. He was horizontal in the small uncomfortable back seat.
The dreamer somehow knew that he had to take the roof off the car. He put the roof of the car beneath the underneath carriage of the auto. He could then be comfortable with the air coming in from the roof. He proceeded to his destination feeling good.

Dream 246–Interpretation

The dreamer was an artist who painted dramatic landscapes. His walking along a beach signals that he is working out his conflicts between the conscious (land) and the subconscious (ocean). Cars are how you get somewhere in modern life. He needed to change which was indicated by the three cars and the three men later traveling in the car.
He was hesitant to affiliate with the rich. The dream indicated he needed to travel in style and not be averse to wealth. The diplomatic man represented the best part of his personality to get him to where he wanted to go

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