The First Level of Dream Interpretation

The First Level of Dream Interpretation

There are different levels of dream interpretation. The first and most productive one is to consider each living being or spirit to be a part of the dreamers psyche. People almost always want to interpret their dream interpersonal, i.e., a woman who dreams her husband is having an affair thinks that the affair is occurring. This is possible, but often is not the case.

Men tend to represent actions in dreams while women tend to symbolize emotions in dreams. This is not absolutely so, but is usually the way things pan out after thousands of years of culture. Viewed in this way, the dream like the one above about an affair often signals that the dreamer’s actions (male) are not being true to her emotions (female).

Using the first level, the interpreters formulation can be as high as eighty to ninety percent correct. If one uses the interpersonal level of dream interpretation, accuracy drops to fifty percent. This is because the interpreter usually does not have access to all the details in the person’s life.

The above illustrates one of the forty principles to interpret a dream used in my book which is at


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