The Frog Prince

Dream 249: From Frog to Prince

A 21-year-old man dreamt that he was going from one friend’s house (this friend was a nerd) to another friend’s house (this friend was a Prince of a man). Right before he reached the Prince’s house, he saw a multitude of frogs riding bicycles. Each frog had its own bicycle. As each frog passed by, it waved to him. He was taken by how strange the scene was.

Dream 249–Interpretation

The dreamer was doing poorly in college because of a lack of effort. He recently had rededicated himself to doing his best at school. A house can represent the dreamer because it is the framework out of which one lives. The dream is emphasizing his change from an irresponsible nerd to a responsible princely person.

Bicycles are one way of getting somewhere in life particularly in a localized area. You ride a bicycle with your own efforts using a good balance and judgment. The dream was urging him to be independent and self-reliant.

Followers of Carl Jung see fairy tales as containing cultural and collective unconscious meaning that can live in any dreamer in a culture. The frog who turns into a prince is a classic motif in fairy tales. The dream was using this widely disseminated cultural image to encourage the dreamer to change. The fact that there are many frogs indicated that his dreams believed that he had enough animal instinct for the required transformation.

This dream was interpreted using principles from the book Dreams: Guide to the Soul at


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