The Spectacular Dive


Dream 213: The Spectacular Dive

A 48-year-old woman dreamt that she loaned five hundred dollars to an extroverted and fun friend so that she could go to Europe. The scene then shifted to her diving into a pool near her farm from a low diving board. She was supervised by a rigid and stern uncle. She then saw herself diving into the pool from another diving board that was connected to a gigantic tree. After she surfaced and came to the side of the pool, the uncle informed her that she was only going to get 85 cents back from the five hundred dollars she previously loaned to her friend. She put on sneakers as fast as she could and ran away from her uncle.

Dream 213–Interpretation

Money is energy in dreams. The dream juxtaposed the fun extroverted part of her emotional psyche with the rigid action part of her psyche (the rigid uncle) that went with her strict rural upbringing. Water is emotion. A tree is a primary symbol of integration. The dream assured her that she will have to dive deep into her emotions to be more integrated and to escape swiftly (the sneakers) from her inhibited and constrained actions (the uncle). The dream emphasized that she would never regain the energy she lost on the farm if she continued to limit herself. It was notable that her unempathic and authoritarian mother was eighty-five years old. The dream was yelling with the 85 cents for the five hundred dollars she loaned that she mostly lost energy on the farm.

Published by Steven G. Fox Ph.D.

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