There’s Gold in Your Subconscious

Dream 173: There’s Gold in Your Subconscious

Gold Inside Your Subconscious

A 37-year-old man dreamt that he was at the opening to a gold mine. There were ore rail cars that carried the gold from inside the earth to the surface by following a railroad-like track. The dreamer felt wary about the mine.  A beautiful woman approached him, smiled at him and then sat down comfortably in an ore car.  She later came back riding in the ore car with another ore car full of gold behind her.  She smiled and pointed to an ore car with the implication that he should similarly travel down to the bottom of the mine via an ore car.

Dream 173 Interpretation

A gold mine is subterranean and contains valuable material. The beautiful woman was an anime which represents the dreamer’s idolized emotions. The dream was showing him and reassuring him that it is safe to plumb the depths of his subconscious because there is valuable material there.  The dream ended with explicit encouragement and a directive to explore deep emotional material within his subconscious.  There’s gold in the subconscious if one is not too anxious to mine the contents.

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Published by Steven G. Fox Ph.D.

Psychologist and author of "Dreams: Guide to the Soul" & "Multiple Sclerosis Mission Remission" This first book of mine shows how I developed an intuitive dream interpretation method through clinical psychologist private practice and Jungian theory. The book is titled "Dreams: Guide to the Soul." It is available at I wrote my second book in 2018. The second book describes my miracle MS remission, and is called "Multiple Sclerosis Mission Remission: Healing MS Against All Odds." It is available at amazon at

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