Going Full Boar

Below is a dream and interpretation from my psychologist private practice. The client is anonymous and biographical details were changed to protect the identity of the dreamer. The interpretation is based upon my book at drstevenfox.com

Dream 167: Going Full Boar

A 22-year-old man dreamt that his father was calmly leading a white leopard which was on a leash.  The dreamer himself was running with a wild boar which was tranquil and friendly.

Dream 167–Interpretation

This was a young man with crippling social anxiety.  After hearing this dream I asked him whether he had been doing more activities, especially social activities lately.  He responded positively, noting that he was going to a church group, was going to public places more, was playing racquet ball more, and was thinking of asking a woman to a dance. 

The dream essentially told me that he was more socially active.  His father in the dream represented his own father introject.  Father introjects typically give encouragement and support to the dreamer’s actions.  Animals are instincts with white being a spiritual color.  The dream is saying that the action part of his psyche was in control of wild instincts to the point that he was more calm, tranquil and spiritual. 

His running with a wild boar emphasized the increased degree of his personal feelings because he felt confident to let his wild instincts go more because he felt able to exert enough personal influence that his wild instincts did not go out of personal influence.  One wants to think of common sayings applicability to the situation.  He was now more likely to trust himself to go “full bore (boar)” socially.  He was less likely to stay home bored (boared?).


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Published by Steven G. Fox Ph.D.

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