Beloved Mentor: I Want to Be You

Below is a dream and interpretation from my psychologist private practice. The client is anonymous and biographical details were changed to protect the identity of the dreamer. The interpretation is based upon my book at


A nineteen-year-old woman had a dream that she and an older and wiser female friend (her mentor) were at a party. Her mentor was a 33-year-old professional woman from Chicago. She and her mentor were talking on a patio all night.

Her mentor told the dreamer that she had a baby this last summer because she wanted to start doing “real” life things. The dreamer was surprised that she was strangely jealous of her mentor. The dreamer suddenly and dramatically went and took fish heads and dissolved them in acid water. This image made an impression on the dreamer.


At the first level of dream interpretation, each character in the dream reveals a part of the dreamer’s psyche. Women in dreams tend to go with emotions, while men often go with actions. This is not absolutely so, but is usually the way it falls out after thousands of years of culture. This is an equal opportunity principle which generally holds whether the dreamer is a man or a woman.

The dreamer had an emotional part that wanted to be like her confident mentor. That they were at a party indicated that the dreamer wanted to be more fun. It is night so we are talking about the subconscious rather than waking consciousness.

The mentor’s baby is a new part of the dreamer’s mind she wanted to give birth to so that she would be more like her older confidante. Her mentor was a strong, smart and successful woman who was idealistic and fiercely independent. The mentor recently had a major shakeup of her personal life which moved her to revolutionize her life in a positive direction consistent with her beliefs.

The dreamer wanted to live a life based on reality like her ever brave older friend. Fish are animals in water and are her instinctive subconscious emotions (water is almost invariably emotions). She wants to quit thinking with her head. She does not want her head to direct her instincts, and she is willing to go to extreme measures to enforce this commitment. Her choices had to pass the acid test of working with her instincts and avoiding head games which was a primary lesson she took from her mentor.


No part of the above is intended for psychological, psychiatric, or medical treatment or advice. The reader should personally contact an appropriate professional if seeking treatment or advice.

Published by Steven G. Fox Ph.D.

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