The Answer Is Obvious, Watson

Below is a dream and interpretation from my psychologist private practice. The client is anonymous and biographical details were changed to protect the identity of the dreamer. The interpretation is based upon my book at


A 31-year-old man dreamt that an elderly man, who devoutly and religiously practiced Taoism, was instructing the dreamer. The dreamer thought that he should accept the precepts of Taoism, but he emotionally felt resistance to what he knew was true wisdom.

Dream 206 Interpretation

I asked the dreamer if there was something occurring in his life where the answer was obvious but that he could not emotionally accept the answer. He replied that he thought he should marry the woman he was living with because she brought nothing but peace and joy into his life, but he could not bring himself to ask her. He had been in three disastrous relationships and was wary of commitment. He eventually decided that he would stay engaged a long time to work on his feeling .

Taoism emphasizes perceiving reality correctly. The pious man was the epitome of the Wise Old Man archetype. The dream was screaming that in the considered opinion of ancient wisdom, he should devote himself to the relationship.


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    1. Animals at the first level of dream interpretation are the dreamer’s instincts, our “animal nature” if you will. The dream is then usually talking about basic needs and wants. It is the “natural” parts of the dreamer’s mind.

        1. Having a lot of animals around you in a dream indicates that you have a lot of subconscious instinctual emotional energy because, at the first level of dream interpretation, each living thing represents a part of your mind.

        1. Usually some part of the dreamer’s emotional energy is desperately trying to get the dreamer’s attention. We often reject shadow emotions which actually can be used for good in certain situations. We usually need to turn around and face what is chasing us.

        1. The dream in this case may be giving a warning. Usually, the dream may be warning about being hurt in an emotional relationship (having their “heart broken”), having compassion for others (“having a heart”), or, more infrequently, the dream could be indicating concern with the dreamer’s health.

        1. The scene changes and a door may be opening to a new opportunity if the place is pleasant. On the other hand, the dream may be warning about the negative effects of a recent decision to which the dreamer “opened the door” if the circumstances of the new scene are negative. In any case, there is a new situation the dreamer is entering or the dream wishes to address a different part of the dreamer’s life.

        1. At the first level of dream interpretation, you consider each living thing in the dream to be part of the dreamers mind. The animals represent natural parts of the dreamers psyche. Wolves are representative of aggressive instincts. The dream is saying that the dreamer must protect his natural instincts from being destroyed by his aggression. The dream does endorse using his aggression to protect his natural drives and emotions. The not being able to find the person having the heart attack means that the dreamer is probably having a hard time finding and dealing with and helping the part of himself that has been hurt (perhaps a broken heart).

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