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What does removing a white moth from your baby son’s elbow mean?

Dream 531: Seeking the light

Driven to the light

A woman had the following dream:

“I dreamed that I was holding my 8 month old son and noticed that his arm had a bump and was swelling. Then I saw a little string on it so when I pulled it, I pulled out a white moth(the string was 1 of its antennas I guess). So now I was freaking out trying to rush him to the hospital because I pulled a bug out of his arm. Any meaning? Weird and scary…

Dream Interpretation

At the first level of dream interpretation, each living thing represents a part of the dreamer’s mind. Males tend to go with an action part of the mind. The age of the character represents the age of the action, whether it is a new or developed action. White is the most spiritual color there is. Arms are usually practical things that you do. Elbows are associated with sayings like “to elbow your way in. Moths are nocturnal creatures that for some reason are driven to lights. Antennae are the way the moth senses the world. A moth in the context of this dream would represent your internalized instinct to seek the light or enlightenment. A hospital is a place of healing. Putting this aIl together, I think at the first level, you are driven and profoundly affected by your son to seek the light and heal yourself for the sake of yourself and your son. It will be a process that takes some time.

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What does it mean to dream you are racing a black panther?

Dream 530: Running and feeling fine

A woman dreamed she was running alongside a panther. It was like they were competing to see who could get there the fastest. She felt like she knew the panther.


An animal is usually the dreamer’s instincts. A panther is a stealthy and strong predator. They are so stealthy and have such prowess that they are seldom seen. I would say your instinct to compete is in fine shape.

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What could defanging a snake in a dream mean?

Dream 529: Defang that Thing!

A woman had the following dream:

“I had a dream two days ago that there are a lot of snakes around me. Then they bite me at my arms and then I grab their heads and make them open their mouth for me to take their fangs off! It keeps on being like that and then I get scared and woke up! What does it mean? “😥


Snakes represent change since snakes are one of the few animals that shed their skin. The important part for me is that you defang them successfully. The dream is assuring you that whatever stressful change, people, or challenges you are facing, you can successfully defang the situation so you do not get hurt, so do not be afraid. It takes courage to defang a snake.

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What does a fast mouse you cannot catch mean in a dream?

Dream 528: That one little final detail

A man dreamt about chasing a small mouse. Most of the dream was oriented on chasing this small fast mouse. In the dream other people even helped chase it. The dreamerI had no clue what this meant or symbolized, or if it was just “a weird dream.”


Animals in dreams often represent a part of the dreamer’s instincts. The mouse in this dream is fast and never gets caught in spite of other parts of your mind (other people in the dream) trying to help catch it.
If it were my dream, it would probably represent a desire to get something done right so that I felt good about it, but never getting it to be exactly the way I wanted it to be.

I wonder if there is something you have been working on, perhaps with others, that you have been trying to get exactly right, but success eludes you. At the final stage–it is almost within your grasp, but something suddenly happens, some small detail in the final stage, so that you are left unsatisfied.

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What might it mean when your mother tells you your father died in a dream?

Dream 527: Dropping your contrary boyfriend may make you more independent

A woman reported with horror that her mother told her in a dream that her father had died. She wondered what it could possibly mean. She thought it was probably about something else or implied something about a different situation but she didn’t know what.


The mother in the dream at the first level is her emotions. The father interject at the first level is an action part of her mind.

I think her subconscious is trying to shock her into the idea that she has to stand on her own two feet and cannot rely solely on the support she received in the past for pursuing her goals. It may be advising it, or it may be recognizing that that is the current situation, that she is in a situation where she has to be independent and make difficult decisions.

She then asked me if it could be advice to leave a difficult boyfriend.

I replied that if her parents had a strong relationship, at the second level of dream interpretation, it may be advising her that no matter how close the relationship is, she may have to let it go. The reason the dream is screaming then that she may want to leave him is because, according to the dream, she’s relying on him too much to make decisions for her. I believe the dream may have wanted her to be more independent, and not rely mainly on a man for guidance as she did with her father when she was younger.

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