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Mydomaine.com wrote a list of the fifteen greatest books about dream interpretation OF ALL TIME. Predictably, Freud and Jung are at the top. BUT MY BOOK, Dreams: Guide to the Soul, WAS RATED 14th, see https://www.mydomaine.com/books-about-dreams-4770372


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What could my dream about floating down a river with a fish on fire mean?

I dreamt that I was floating down a river and was on fire but not being burned. An overriding voice told me that the energy to support the fire was coming from an underwater stockpile of fish which would be eternally replenished.

I have been considering retiring and devoting energy to a number of economic projects.

I think the dream is saying that I am changing (the fire) while floating down the river of life and will keep my head above water emotionally. The eternal supply of fish may be reassurance that I will always have the subconscious energy needed to pursue projects.

I think the only way I pull this off is to try to set a flexible schedule that follows my inclinations and predilections. I have had enough of the 9 to 5 routine and want to do things wildly different (travel is definitely on the list) while honoring the things that worked in the past.

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Avoid Being a Pain in the Neck to Yourself and Others

Dream 548:

A woman had the following dream:

“Warning this dream was a bit graphic and traumatic.

I had a dream that I yelled at my daughter about something and she stopped what she was doing and slowly grabbed a saw and started to slice her neck. I tried to stop her, but she still sliced it. Then I asked her why she did it. She stuck her fingers in the incision and peeled it apart, repeatedly saying “look what I did” while sobbing. She was bleeding and there was cartilage and tissue sticking out. I woke up. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that.”


At the first level, the dream may be urging you to be less critical and examining things in such detail that it is tearing you apart. At the second level, your subconscious may be suggesting that you want to avoid being a pain in your daughter’s neck.

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Interview of Dr. Fox on “Everything Imaginable” Podcast

It was an enjoyable and informative interview by an interesting podcaster. See https://everything-imaginable.simplecast.com/episodes/steven-fox-phd-life-is-but-a-dream-dreams-guide-to-the-soul

Dr. Fox Lecture on Dream Interpretation


The Divine Child Archetype Explained

Lincoln’s Dream of Death by Assassination


Lincoln had a dream that predicted his death shortly before he was assassinated…https://youtu.be/BY7T4tBBlVI

Dreams as Precursors to Scientific Discovery

Many scientific findings were enhanced by the theorist’s dreams. I discuss some of these dream discoveries in the following video:

What do panic dreams look like?

In this video I interpret a doomsday dream with panic disorder like imagery:

Giving Up the Handshake

I dreamed that I was on the steps of the Capitol during the insurrection. I was sitting there when a Trump supporting friend who is conservatively religious walked by. He looked at me with deep concern in his eyes. As he shook my hand, my mind was catapulted into reliving severe multiple sclerosis symptoms I had in the past. I felt unsteady and dizzy with vertigo, like I was floating in unstable space. He then pointed in the distance like I should leave the insurrection at the Capitol immediately.


I no longer shake hands. It has long been proven to be one of the best transmitters of disease there is. My friend is a supporter of not taking the covid 19 virus seriously, like it is no big deal. He actively will tell you that he thinks wearing a mask is dangerous for your health.

In dreams, every character is a part of your mind. I have a conservative side, mostly financially, that believes in god. I lately have been less strict about diet and exercise, which is not good. I believe that this was a warning from my subconscious that if I encourage delusions that I can ignore poor health decisions, that I am likely to reexperience multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms.

This friend does not believe in vaccinations. I take Ocrevus to prevent MS attacks. The problem is that it reduces your immune system. My plan is to get vaccinated for covid and then return to the Ocrevus which is a once every six months infusion.

I prefer the Moderna vaccine as its data look somewhat better. I think the dream was urging me to get vaccinated as soon as possible, so I could return to the Ocrevus. In the interim, and more immediately, I need to exercise more faithfully and eat a healthy diet.

The friend for me represented health delusions that I must not entertain. I am to distance myself from them. My subconscious accentuated the point by having me shake hands, which is ill-advised and led to the immediate experiencing of sickening symptoms.

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How do I make decisions with dreams?

I more recently have become more focused on the practical advice dreams can give. I recently had a dream about my private psychologist practice. I am involved in many different projects. I am probably trying to juggle too many balls in the air at once.

I have been forcing myself to sleep longer. This has given me the benefit of having more sleep cycles. Each sleep cycle lasts for about ninety minutes. So if you sleep seven and a half hours, you will have five sleep cycles. That is why eight hours of sleep is recommended, because that gives you five sleep cycles, while giving you down time for time it takes to go to sleep, go to the bathroom, etc.

The first cycle of sleep is mostly deep sleep and just a little bit of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, which is when most dreams occur. With each passing sleep cycle, the amount of deep sleep becomes less, and the amount of REM dream sleep becomes more. One usually has the most dreams right before you wake up especially if you wake up naturally.

I dreamt recently that I had to deal with too many details with my private practice. I do not like details. My office manager deals with as many of them as she can.

In the dream I could not find staplers, was searching for my cellphone, had miscommunications, and was generally hassled. I resolved to reduce my caseload and make my private practice more livable. I want to increase my time interpreting dreams on the internet. I think this is the beginning of more intense personal dreams, as I seem to be at some sort of intersection of my life.

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Dreams Whispered Advice

A great dream interpretation manual…

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A Committed Life

Dream 546: Only by the Sweat of the Brow Does Man Eat Bread

A woman described the following dream:

“I had a dream last night that I couldn’t spell the word wet since it wasn’t in the word sweat. Any ideas what that could mean?”


I think that probably the primary emphasis is on the work sweat, which occurs with hard work or committed effort. The word “wet” involved water which in dreams virtually always involves emotions. I think that you are probably a deeply committed person for whom approaching things without committed hard work does not make sense to the point you cannot think straight.

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Release of “Dreams Whispered Advice” book

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What might spiders being on different parts of your body mean in a dream?

Dream 545: Let Those Spiders Lie

A woman has the following dream:

“I had a dream yesterday where I had 3 gigantic spiders with big black fangs one was on my back one was on my elbow and one on my hand I could hear myself saying dont move they will just get off but then I was panicked and was waving my hand trying to get it off and this huge spider off and it just kept jamming his teeth prong things into my hand. when the dream started it was like I was looking at myself from the view of somebody else.”


Three is the number of change. Spiders are predators who plan their attacks. Elbows bend. Backs support. Waving your hand is volunteering. Things are at a standstill but will change for the deeply negative probably if you raise your hand to volunteer for something that is not in your best interests. You must not bend simply to the will of others (spider on the elbow); however, you must not anger those that are supporting you (spider on the back). It is all very precarious, but you must resist your urges to make moves that invite others attacks. It is my best guess for what it is worth.

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Advanced Reader’s Copy of “Dreams Whispered Advice”

Prior to publishing my new book “Dreams Whispered Advice” I would like to get readers’ reaction to it. I will include some of these reactions in the body of the book itself. If interested, please email me at lifefd@mail.com and I will send you an advanced reader’s copy, if you promise to email me your reaction to the book. Again, I may include selected portions of your reaction in the book.

Delayed Post Traumatic Stress PTSD

Dreams Whisper

I am writing a follow up to my dream book. The new book will be called “Dreams Whispered Advice.” I am including a chapter on delayed PTSD.

I have had many clients who experienced warfare or severe sexual abuse whose PTSD gets worse when their lives get better decades later. How is that possible? Their lives became better, and even optimal, yet they experience horrific vivid nightmares of the original trauma.

In the new chapter, I explain how it is all a matter of your subconscious calculating that the person finally has enough psychological reserves to process what happened. This and other insights into the “rules” guiding dream interpretation will be revealed (along with summarizing the original forty rules). See



People put out dreamcatchers to try to filter dream images coming to the subconscious from the collective unconscious.

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Come on and light my fire

Dream 544: Strong emotions guide her shadow to create

A woman had the following dream:

“Here’s a good one. If anyone can tell me the meaning of this, I’ll be impressed

I have no idea how it started. I was somewhere else, sometime else. There was some kind of a huge castle, in darkness. I had my two cats with me, but they were kittens again. I was called upon. Being me, something was calling to me. A man, or a demon. He felt like both. I remember the sexual and emotional feelings of loyalty. We were at war, and I could fly. I had powers, I could shoot flame and fireballs. I didn’t feel evil, I felt both. I remember asking him ‘the devil’, for a child. He told me demons couldn’t have children or give birth to demons. I told him “you are not a demon, you are an angel, and these little ones might be demons, but they would be beautiful and strong, as their father”
I don’t remember more about it. But it felt so real, and scary but at the same time, It was what I wanted. Such a weird feeling.”

It is a very archetypal (castle) big dream talking about how your affections (kitties) are unsure about unleashing huge inner strength to action (the male demon). You are emotionally and subconsciously calming yourself to go forward to match your strong life-changing (fire) emotions with equally strong actions because they will create strong beautiful growth (babies).

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Dreams Whispered Advice

I am  writing Dreams Whispered Advice  which will be a summary of Dreams: Guide to the Soul and will summarize Dreams Guide to the Soul and contains new insights.

Learning about coronavirus in dreams

Dreams about school often involve new learning/new situations such as with the coronavirus…See

Bad School Dream During Coronavirus




Telehealth psychotherapy and assessment


I will be doing telehealth psychotherapy and assessment during the coronavirus outbreak. Please phone my office manager Nathalia at 480-668-0332, and she will set it up. See my profile at https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/steven-g-fox-tempe-az/36129?sid=5e97d612a6a2b&name=Steven+G+Fox&ref=1&tr=ResultsName

What could a fox and three wolves mean in a dream?

Dream 543: Outfoxxing the Wolves of Change

A man had the following dream:

“I’m walking with a fox in the woods, feels like a companion. There are 3 wolves in the distance, following us. At first I feel like I need to protect the fox, but in the end the grey wolves mean no harm. They seem to just look at us.
Any ideas?”


Looking at this dream at the first intrapsychic level, the fox represents the sly and cunning part of you. Three is the number of change. Wolves represent the fear of being eaten up.

I think the dream may be saying that if you use the sly and cunning part of yourself, you need not be fearful of being attacked in the changes that are coming.

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What could flying dragons competing to mate mean in a dream?

Dream 542: All the things I need to do

A man had the following dream: “I had a flash dream that lasted only a few seconds about 1 or 1:30 AM. I was a dragon flying with many others all which ways. It was like a gathering for mating or mate selection. It was competitive but not combative. I was looking all over, trying to see others but not crash into anyone. It seemed a bit like a feeding frenzy. I didn’t “recognize” anyone but it was only seconds long, at least what I recall of it. I have never dreamt of being a flying dragon before!”


Flying is spiritual and dragons come with powerful change, especially if they are flying and/or fire breathing. It is a stressful competitive situation. I believe it is saying that you have many people and/or projects competing for your attention. I think the dream may be predicting that you successfully join your instinctive actions with appropriate instinctive emotions, but are going through stress in the meantime until you are eventually successful.

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What advice about relationships do dreams sometimes give?

Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Dream 541: Sticky feelings?

A woman had the following dream:

“Day 9-14 of vivid dreams, all have been about my ex and pretty much the same dream. Last night Day 15 was different. We were at my old church, (we didn’t share the same religion, I was converting) and I was in the kitchen washing baby bottles and baby cups. I remember he was in a hurry but I still finished. I left the dishes in the container clean but with sudsy.

In another dream, I was sitting in a car and my ex was standing outside waiting for me to get out the car with “cheese pringles” for me.

I love pringles; however, I no longer have dairy. I actually woke up in between the dreams thinking why is there so much sudsy stuff on the bottles because I didn’t wash it off?

Hmmmm, not sure what all this means, help please.


The dream probably is about cleansing yourself from feelings about your ex. It seems like the dream is urging you to get”new religion” in your stance toward your ex.

You are getting ready to nurture (cleaning baby bottles and cups), but you may need to rinse off old emotions. The dishes are left “sudsy” and need to be rinsed with water (emotions).

Food is nurturing. The pringles with cheese are something you habitually loved. He is outside the car which suggests he probably is not going for a ride.

It may be suggesting that returning to feelings for him would interrupt your journey to a new place in life. That dairy is no longer good reinforces the idea that having feelings toward him would disrupt your life’s journey. The fact that you are having recurrent dreams about your ex indicated this is a major conflict your subconscious is working through.

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The Collective Unconscious

Dream 540 Image

This ancient thought is similar to Carl Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious–that there ideas that are in the air that can enter our subconscious through dreams.

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The Grecian Use of Dreams in Healing

In ancient Greece, there were temples of healing that use dreams and dreams incubation for thousands of years to heal physical illness. I think I stumbled into using some of their methods, notably dream incubation. See

“Dream Incubation

Present within most of these sleep temples were elaborate systems of fasting, dedication, lustration, purification, ritual drama, sensory deprivation or over-stimulation, invocation and dream interpretation. These institutions prevailed for thousands of years, so clearly the sleep temple methods were fruitful for many (there are countless testimonies and votive offerings proclaiming successful treatment) but how did they work? Would these old methods of dream incubation work today?
The practice of ‘Temple Sleep’ is well-evidenced in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman archaeology and literature. I believe the practice of ‘dream incubation’ reveals many secrets regarding the journey of human consciousness, the evolution of memory and language, the mind-body connection, the placebo effect and the unconscious mind’s potent response to imagination, story and symbolism.”

The dream incubation method I adapted to my healing is at www.drstevenfox.com


The Dream Community in Communion with the Collective Subconscious

“Formica Coriandolo

Dream Specialist and Trainer

Formica Coriandolo has been a lucid dreamer with a passion for the dream realm since she was a child. At the age of 21 she moved to Damanhur – Federation of Spiritual Communities – in Italy, where she deepened her natural talent in lucid dreaming under the tutelage of Damanhur’s spiritual founder, Falco Tarassaco, from whom she learned how to travel through various dimensions of the dream realm.
An artist in the fields of sculpture, painting, art glass and music, she has created many of the renowned works of art in the Temples of Humankind and been the composer of many of the primary Damanhurian lyrics, inspired by the mythology of the community. Dreams and art have intertwined in her life: from her personal experience as a self-taught artist she founded and managed a successful seminar course called “Discover Your Inner Talent,” as well as “The Path of the Dreams.” Her dream course has inspired students globally, through her transmission of her experience and knowledge in an accessible and engaging way. ”


It is interesting how this community tries to access the collective unconscious as a community–they literally try to make the dreams come true. Oh, that we could live in such a world!

What does tortured thoughts about your deceased mother mean in a dream?

Dream 539: Mom’s death tortures me
A woman had a reoccurring dream. Her deceased mom visits her and she is so happy to see her, but then the mom starts stabbing the dreamer in her head. The dreamer was heart broken and confused.


Mother is often the foundation of emotions because that is the first person we knew in life. There are different levels of dreams. The second or interpersonal level is null and void because her mother is not alive to precipitate that level.

The dream seems to be saying at the first intrapsychic level that she is tortured by thoughts of her mother (stabbed in the head). If her mother treated her poorly when she was alive, it would mean more that she was tortured by these past memories. If her mother treated her well, the tortured thoughts would be the sadness and regret over her death.

If the relationship were somewhere in the middle, it could be both that she is tortured by her mother’s death and sad things that happened when she was alive.

Which way I would go with this, or in the middle, would depend upon how her mother treated her when she was alive. If it was a good relationship, I would lean strongly toward her being tortured by sad thoughts over her death and the consequences to the dreamer by that death.

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What might killing a scorpion that stung you mean in a dream?

Dream 538: I hate that I hate you

A woman dreamed that she killed a white scorpion that stung her and wondered what it could mean.


In dreams, animal represents part of the dreamer’s instincts. Scorpions typically represent aggression. This dream is probably a combination of levels one and two.

If it were just level two, the interpersonal level, it would represent getting revenge or wanting to get revenge, for someone being aggressive toward you.

At the first or intrapsychic level, it would represent repressing your aggressive instinct (killing it) for aggressive thoughts or acts against another.

A condensation of the two levels, which I think may be the case, would be getting revenge for someone being aggressive towards you, and not feeling great about it (or at least your subconscious does not think the idea was so great) and subconsciously decreasing or killing the idea of counterattack (or resolving not to do it in the future).

The fact that it was a white scorpion may be significant. White is the most spiritual color there is which makes it more likely that the dream is referencing thoughts and intentions more than acts.

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What could a prehistoric apocalypse, eating cake, and being attacked with knives mean in a dream?

Dream 537: Cut It Out!

A man had the following dream:

“I just had a dream that I was in a prehistoric hominid war between another species of prehistoric hominid (This is actually a slightly shortened version of my dream). This war was a major determining factor for the evolutionary future of humanity. There were 800,000 of one species vs. a million of the other. After surviving the war, I was with a group of people in a now post-apocalyptic world, who were my two brothers, a woman I know, my dad, and his friend. We were walking through caverns scavenging for food when we found a modern house with technology in it, and we were no longer ancient ape-like people. We were quietly looking for food to take, when one of us found a full cake as well as a small slice of red velvet cake. They gave both of them to me to hold. The big cake had birthday candles lit on it and had the inscription “Jesus is King” written in frosting. Then we started making our way out of the house and back through the caves. Then my mom called me on my cellphone, and I became distracted and ate all of the cake, minus a few scraps and the slice of red velvet. I suddenly realized what I had done, and said “Oh…. shit” I said “Sorry guys, I accidently ate all the cake.” Everyone got mad at me. I tried to hand the slice of red velvet cake and the scraps of the other cake to my dad’s friend (who was now Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, lol). He didn’t want what was left and took it and threw it really hard at my face. I angrily said “It was a fucking accident, I didn’t even know I was eating it!” Then I took the cake off me and threw it back at him. Now we were looking for more food and we were back in this house. The house was now a maze, with stairs and hallways leading to the same places. I went upstairs and there were boxes of stove burners blocking my path that I had to climb over. After I climbed over them and went upstairs, there was a room with a gas stove with two burners on. I signaled everyone to go back down and be quiet because there were people up there. We were trying to leave the house but we couldn’t find a way out. Now suddenly, everyone but me was sitting at a dining room table in the house. They all had headphones on and were asleep in a deep trance. Two old people came down the stairs while I hid behind a couch. I saw an open door that I could have ran out of, that led to a beautiful land full of fauna and sunshine. I didn’t go, because I didn’t want to leave everyone. One of the old people was a short man with glasses and the other was a big tall fat lady. They had a weird vibe, like an aura of death, that kind of reminded me of people who work at funeral homes. They saw me, and instead of going after me, they went to everyone at the table and pulled out knives. The short old man started slitting my dad’s friend’s throat with an all black knife, and the fat old lady started cutting the back of my older brother’s neck. I ran up and punched the short old man in the head and took his knife and stabbed him a bunch of times, then I stabbed the other old person, who was now a tall thin old man instead of a fat old lady. Then I looked back and saw that the short old man was still alive, and was now trying to cut my younger brother. I stabbed him some more and he died. The tall old man was still alive too, still trying to slice my older brother, so I finished him off too. I checked to see if my brother was still breathing, and he was. I ripped the headphones off of their heads, but they were all still in this deep sleep/trance. The only one who didn’t get cut was me and my dad. I think the girl who was with us got cut at some point too.”


In the 1st part of the dream, in the war between the pre hominids, this probably is about your taming the instinctive and more primitive parts of your personality. You are deciding what shadow parts of your personality to keep. That the part of the humanoids that wins the war leads to a greater civilization means that the more civilized parts of yourself have gained greater priority in your subconscious.

You then are left with your 2 brothers, a woman you know, your father, and his friend. Those are the parts of your personality that you want to emphasize, for one reason or another.

The part where food is involved and the velvet cake are all about how you nurture yourself and other people.

The part where you are a killing the parts that are trying to destroy the good parts of yourself with knives, and your retaliating by killing them with knives, are probably all about cutting remarks. I would think that you are defending the people you love from cutting remarks and are defending yourself against being hurt by cutting remarks.

That your father was the only one that did not get cut indicates your father introject is probably the center of your personality. It is a major part of your internal strength that shields you from the cutting remarks of others, and guards your self-esteem.

The dreamer later told me that the interpretation was very accurate.

Dreams can help you set priorities at http://www.drstevenfox.com

To Thine Own Self Be True

Dream Experience 534: To Thine Own Self Be True

Twenty-five years ago, I made a vow to myself that I would never again set foot in the state where I was born. I would still talk to members of my family, but did not want to be submerged into their confusion. Five years ago, my brother was in financial trouble and I helped him out. My reward was that despite attempts to contact him, he stopped communicating with me shortly after he got what he wanted from me. We were close when we were young, so it hurt.

Two months ago he finally contacted me because he needed some advice about how he should proceed with some medical problems. I stayed in touch for about six weeks, giving advice on what I knew about what he was going through. He made it through the procedures without difficulty. I resolved throughout, that I would tell him what I knew, nothing more and nothing less. So, nowadays, if he asks me how I am doing, I give one word responses like “okay.” You are not allowed into my world anymore beyond the minimal.

About two years ago, I violated the rule of not visiting family. I visited what I thought was one of the more saner parts of my large extended family. They were in a nearby state to my hometown, so I rationalized that I was not breaking my vow. This first visit was glorious, beyond my wildest expectations.

Having some hope that I could salvage a part of my family, I planned a vacation to Europe with a few of them. The trip was wonderful, but the interaction with them was a complete disaster. I thought that this is what I get for violating the vow I had made years earlier.

Shortly before going overseas with them I had a simple but powerful vivid and luminous dream. It was an image of a train being violently forced to change tracks.

Dreams love using trains as a depiction of our life course and plans, i.e., you want to be on the “right track” in life. I believe it was a dream predicting that my life course was going to be dramatically changed. In one sense, I was trying to change it by my efforts; however, the derogation and humiliation of that trip would forever seal me off from what was left of my so called family.

I will once again commit to listening to my inner voice and not being seduced by trying to do what I think is good in the world. Some situations cannot be salvaged.

Dreams can help you listen to your inner voice at http://www.drstevenfox.com


What does stabbing someone in the back with scissors mean in a dream?

Dream 533: Common Sayings

A man dreamed he stabbed someone in the back several times with a scissors. He did not know why he did it.
Interpretation: I wondered if he was feeling guilty about cutting someone down behind their back. I am more and more impressed how common sayings such as “cutting someone down” and “behind his back” help with dream interpretations.

I will be adding a dream book to my original dream book at http://www.drstevenfox.com

Dreams helped send my MS into remission

Dreams were part of the healing of sending my MS into remission. The book “Multiple Sclerosis Mission Remission: Healing MS Against All Odds”is available for free for the next 5 days at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D7JBZ5L/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_awdo_t1_.pDiBbVDAK0S4

What does your father getting shot in the leg and your mother getting shot in the heart mean in a dream?

Dream 532: Your Cheating Heart

A woman dreamt that she was attending someone’s wedding. She decided to leave and take an uber ride share home. The driver was an 84-year-old man who violated her sexually when she arrived home.

At home, someone had shot her father in the leg, and he was not hurt very bad. Her mother was mortally wounded as the bullet was lodged near her heart. She vividly experienced holding the wound shut with her hand to prevent bleeding. The dream ended with her mother being take to the hospital.


Her parents were in the process of a bitter divorce. Her father had an affair with another woman. The dream starts out with a wedding because a wedding represents integration of the dreamer. The divorce of her father introject (her actions) from her mother introject (the dreamer’s emotions) was affecting her integration as a person at the first level of dream interpretation.

At the second or interpersonal level of dream interpretation, the dream starts out with someone’s wedding because it was announcing that someone’s marriage (her parents) was going to be involved. When both the first and second levels are true it is condensation. The dream is fitting the maximum amount of meaning into the smallest space.

I am more and more impressed how everyday sayings can add to the interpretation of a dream. I believe being sexually violated by an old uber driver was the dream emphasizing that she was “being taken for a ride.” The dream was highlighting how personally violated her father’s affair and resulting divorce made her feel. The driver was 84 because personal violations by her father were “getting old.”

The number 84 is not insignificant. Four is the number of stability as there are four legs to a chair, four legs to a table, four directions, four quarters to a game, etc. When a dream wants to emphasize something, it may give you two of them, as in 2×4=8. I believe the number 8 in this case stresses how the affair and divorce negatively affected her feelings of stability.

Mother introjects typically go with the foundation of emotions which is emphasized by the bullet being lodged near the heart (the body organ most associated with love).

Legs support us. Her father is shot in the leg because she felt the loss of support from her father. Her father was not hurt as bad because he was not hurt as seriously by the divorce. He had already immersed himself in a relationship with the other woman.

Her placing her hand over her mother’s heart, and her mother being taken to the hospital, emphasized the hope that the dreamer’s emotions and her mother would heal from the disturbing divorce.

Dreams most often get to the heart of the matter at

What does removing a white moth from your baby son’s elbow mean?

Dream 531: Seeking the light

Driven to the light

A woman had the following dream:

“I dreamed that I was holding my 8 month old son and noticed that his arm had a bump and was swelling. Then I saw a little string on it so when I pulled it, I pulled out a white moth(the string was 1 of its antennas I guess). So now I was freaking out trying to rush him to the hospital because I pulled a bug out of his arm. Any meaning? Weird and scary…

Dream Interpretation

At the first level of dream interpretation, each living thing represents a part of the dreamer’s mind. Males tend to go with an action part of the mind. The age of the character represents the age of the action, whether it is a new or developed action. White is the most spiritual color there is. Arms are usually practical things that you do. Elbows are associated with sayings like “to elbow your way in. Moths are nocturnal creatures that for some reason are driven to lights. Antennae are the way the moth senses the world. A moth in the context of this dream would represent your internalized instinct to seek the light or enlightenment. A hospital is a place of healing. Putting this aIl together, I think at the first level, you are driven and profoundly affected by your son to seek the light and heal yourself for the sake of yourself and your son. It will be a process that takes some time.

Dreams can help you find the light at http://www.drstevenfox.com

What does it mean to dream you are racing a black panther?

Dream 530: Running and feeling fine

A woman dreamed she was running alongside a panther. It was like they were competing to see who could get there the fastest. She felt like she knew the panther.


An animal is usually the dreamer’s instincts. A panther is a stealthy and strong predator. They are so stealthy and have such prowess that they are seldom seen. I would say your instinct to compete is in fine shape.

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What could defanging a snake in a dream mean?

Dream 529: Defang that Thing!

A woman had the following dream:

“I had a dream two days ago that there are a lot of snakes around me. Then they bite me at my arms and then I grab their heads and make them open their mouth for me to take their fangs off! It keeps on being like that and then I get scared and woke up! What does it mean? “


Snakes represent change since snakes are one of the few animals that shed their skin. The important part for me is that you defang them successfully. The dream is assuring you that whatever stressful change, people, or challenges you are facing, you can successfully defang the situation so you do not get hurt, so do not be afraid. It takes courage to defang a snake.

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What does a fast mouse you cannot catch mean in a dream?

Dream 528: That one little final detail

A man dreamt about chasing a small mouse. Most of the dream was oriented on chasing this small fast mouse. In the dream other people even helped chase it. The dreamerI had no clue what this meant or symbolized, or if it was just “a weird dream.”


Animals in dreams often represent a part of the dreamer’s instincts. The mouse in this dream is fast and never gets caught in spite of other parts of your mind (other people in the dream) trying to help catch it.
If it were my dream, it would probably represent a desire to get something done right so that I felt good about it, but never getting it to be exactly the way I wanted it to be.

I wonder if there is something you have been working on, perhaps with others, that you have been trying to get exactly right, but success eludes you. At the final stage–it is almost within your grasp, but something suddenly happens, some small detail in the final stage, so that you are left unsatisfied.

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What might it mean when your mother tells you your father died in a dream?

Dream 527: Dropping your contrary boyfriend may make you more independent

A woman reported with horror that her mother told her in a dream that her father had died. She wondered what it could possibly mean. She thought it was probably about something else or implied something about a different situation but she didn’t know what.


The mother in the dream at the first level is her emotions. The father interject at the first level is an action part of her mind.

I think her subconscious is trying to shock her into the idea that she has to stand on her own two feet and cannot rely solely on the support she received in the past for pursuing her goals. It may be advising it, or it may be recognizing that that is the current situation, that she is in a situation where she has to be independent and make difficult decisions.

She then asked me if it could be advice to leave a difficult boyfriend.

I replied that if her parents had a strong relationship, at the second level of dream interpretation, it may be advising her that no matter how close the relationship is, she may have to let it go. The reason the dream is screaming then that she may want to leave him is because, according to the dream, she’s relying on him too much to make decisions for her. I believe the dream may have wanted her to be more independent, and not rely mainly on a man for guidance as she did with her father when she was younger.

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Another good review

Dreams – Guide to the Soul: Steven Fox


Dreams are a subject I have been fascinated for a long time.  What do the dreams mean?  Do they carry a message?  Can we interpret dreams meaningfully?  Steven Fox presents forty dream archetypes and their meanings.  Following Jung school of thought, he strongly believes that dreams are the channel through which out subconscious expresses itself.  Fox even uses the dreams for psychotherapy.  It is a very interesting book and easy to follow – psychotherapy made simple really.  The description of the archetypes gets repeated through the book, so you tend to remember a few.  Fox’s analysis though, when done at the intra-psychic level, can get complex.  So, the man and woman appearing in your dreams are parts of you and their copulating means that your emotions and actions are integrating!

Read, if you are into dreams.

From https://rajatnarula.wordpress.com/category/book-reviews/

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Carl Jung on Introversion

“Loneliness is for me a source of healing that makes my life worth living. Talking is often a torment to me, and I need several days of silence to recover the futility of words.”
~Carl Jung

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Three Jungian Analysts talk about the shadow in dreams and in life

Dream Link 526: Integrating the parts of us we do not want to have

The best dream interpreters are usually Jungians. This link and website gives a pithy discussion of the personal shadow by three Jungian analysts.


What could plants growing out of your hands mean in a dream?

Dream 525: Plant sprouts growing out of the palms of my hands

A woman who was raped twice in her life had the following dream:

Growing brand new feelings

“I am still getting over being raped twice in my life. Strange dream, first I’ve remembered. Plants growing out of my hands. Other women same but they have babies, and babies are born with plants coming out of them and die. Then a crowded bedroom and other rooms with urine in the corners and wall and I’m trying to dress babies.”

abies in dreams usually represent new parts of yourself. The plants seem to be growing, but the babies die. This would say to me that you are trying to grow, and the tender parts of you that have been hurt by the two rapes can give the energy for new growth (plants regenerate from the terrible experiences–you have new growth which is unconstrained and probably needs support).

Water is emotion and urine is emotion that you are trying to eliminate. The plants growing out of your hands would to me probably be new positive things you are trying to do, because we do things with our hands. Clothing usually represent psychological defenses, and you are dressing the babies meaning that you are being positively protective of your feelings.

The dreamer gave me the feedback that she had the following reaction to the interpretation: “Actually that was very comforting and quite accurate.”

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What does your mother missing one leg in a dream mean?

Dream 524: I do not have a leg to stand on

A man dreamed he was in a car with his mother and her third husband. It was a Ford Pinto. Suddenly, the care flipped over end over end and landed in a warehouse. His mother was missing a leg, but carried on as if nothing bothered her. There were other people in the warehouse that were vague distant figures that did not communicate with them.


His mother led a confusing and chaotic life. The dreamer had to work during high school to support her. She had serial relationships and was continually moving to new cultures.

A car usually represents trying to make progress in modern life. The car flipping over multiple times was about the many times she turned the family’s life upside down with the major moves. A warehouse in dreams is frequently a storehouse of memories in a dream. In this case, the vague figures of people represented the people that were left behind as they became mostly distant memories.

A mother in a dream usually represents the dreamer’s mother introject which is usually the basis of emotional support. Legs support the body’s functions and mobility. That she was missing a leg and not concerned about it symbolizes the half-support she gave the dreamer–she had little clue how the lack of concern about her actions was affecting the dreamer.

Details are frequently important in dreams. He noted that they ate a lot of pinto beans as a child.

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Helpful Hint to Remember Your Dreams

A psychologist who had been in Jungian analysis shared a way to help remember dreams. He noted that drinking a large glass of water would require getting up in the middle of the night. When one gets up to go to the bathroom, you usually were in an REM dream state before waking up and it will be easier to remember the dream. He recommended writing down the dream before taking care of the urge if possible so that you do not lose parts of the dream.

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